Thursday, January 21, 2010

Bright Spot in the Day :)

Lucie's play time this morning. She is almost 5 months old now!

Last night I held a friend's baby, only a week old and SO teeny tiny! She was close to Lucie's birth weight and I just couldn't believe Lucie was ever that small! Amazing how fast you forget, even in a short 4 months!

Lucie--1 day old.

Lucie today--4.5 months old.

This one's for Agatha, my friend in Uganda, who sent this little dress for Lucie.

Thank you Aggie!

Happy Birthday to Meme!

Love, Lindsey and Lucie Joy


Mrs. Tharpey said...

aahhh!! she is a treat for sure!
so much cuteness :)

Mommy Mere Pete said...

forgetfulness does have its moments that's why you have to savor each moment as it comes!!!

Does she look like your dad to anyone else but me?? She reminds me of him for some reason :-D

CrystalD said...

She is so adorable!

Mama PC said...

she has her Poppy's sweet and gentle spirit - she has her Daddy's eyes - she has her Mommy's face - and something about her reminds me of my Dad's Mother - I think it's the French-side of the family. Is there any French in the Tharpe/Randolph bunch?

I think she's looking more like Brian, though lately - Brian And Lindsey... just like she should.

What a blessing of a little Cutie Pie!!!

Come see me Lucie Joy! Come over to Graham's House! Right Now!!!!

Love you,

Dott's Mom and Grand Dott's Grahams

lindsey brooke said...

that's rather early to be out and about

Joe and Melissa said...

love her! love you and brian...all day long..I love you three! I love the clothes agatha sent her - too cute! : )

Hannah Elizabeth said...

too much cuteness. i love those 1 day pictures. such a tiny bundle of newness. i love the more recent pictures too. to see her developing personality and getting to know her expressions a little bit. fun fun fun. : )

Mama PC said...

Linds - when are we going to have some "professional" photos made of our little Lucie??? do you need me to find somebody?

May said...

I haven't even seen these cute pictures! I hadn't looked at your blog for ages! The beauty is such a cutie!

Grammy May