Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A Fun Christmas Season!

This past month was full of Christmas cheer, especially with the little Lucie around to enjoy it. I'd have to say my favorite thing lately has been baking in the kitchen with Lucie. Her aunties and I had a sugar cookie decorating party Christmas Eve--Eve, and Lucie and I whipped up a bunch of dough here at the house before hand. I wore her in front of me in my sling and she watched as I mixed ingredients in bright colorful mixing bowls with wooden spoons! Her hands were waving and her feet were kicking in excitement! I even put the spoon in her hand and helped her stir and pat the dough. When I stopped patting, she would try to pat again. What fun! Here's Lucie doing a bit of "kitchen time" while watching Daddy cook omelets on CHRISTMAS MORNING: