Friday, February 6, 2009


My apologies for slacking on the blog lately. One pregnant lady equals tired-tired-tired! Add that to being at work all day with no computer access, and limited computer access after work, and I'm usually more inspired by the thought of my pillow than the thought of typing up some entertainment, even if I DO miss you guys!

Life is trucking along as usual over here... sometimes fast, sometimes slow. I feel a great sense of accomplishment at the end of each day, just knowing that a day has passed. :)

At work, I do a lot of reading when business is slow. I've read multiple novels, numerous old home decor/homemaking type magazines... most of them at least half a dozen times each... I've clipped out pictures and colors and recipes and ideas for my new home in America... I've drawn up ideas for the salon I want to have in my house someday and brainstormed about what will be needed... I've daydreamed about having a baby and being a mom... about where we will live when we return and what we will do... I've read portions of a Texas Almanac, catching up on Texas history and geography til I couldn't handle anymore and I put that book to rest... I've read the Bible and listened to loads of new music which Brian dumped onto our ipod while we were home... Let's see, a few haircuts here and there... Helped hook some street kids up with some school supplies and shoes so they could go to school... (you wouldn't even recognize them anymore in their shiny new shoes and uniforms with ties and matching socks and everything!)... and then, my favorite part of the day is when my head hits my pillow and I'm off to hopefully about 10 hours of dreamland where I dream about mexican food, salsa and queso, and other tasty foods found only in America.

Well, how is that for a spontaneous, unplanned blog? Random, I'm sure!
At least I can say that I blogged. I'll try to come up with some more unique things to living in Uganda for future posts... but somehow living here can feel so "normal" if that's possible. :)