Saturday, August 29, 2009

T minus 12 days?

Helloooo BABY!
YES, she is STILL growing... isn't that what babies do!?!?!?!?

Saturday, August 15, 2009

36 weeks!

I know what you're thinking...
"Wow, she's about to pop!"
You and the rest of everyone else...
I hear it every time I venture out into public.
Smiling faces, interested expressions... "Oh, when are you due?"
.......(my answer).........
"Oh HONEY, you're NOT gonna make it that far!"
Oh brother, here we go again.
I've already been hearing it for a month...
and I still have a month to go!!!

Whatever you may think,
about "how" I'm carrying, or how "big" my belly is,
I'm not getting my hopes up for any early showing of this little girl.
Brian and I BOTH were born more than 2 weeks past our due dates.
So I'm just hoping that she'll come ON TIME!

I did dream she was here last night though.
And today I am missing her, as if she was here but now she is gone.
You can come anytime you want, Baby Lucie.

Preparations for her arrival are dwindling down...
Now it's time for more WAITING. :o)

Check out what arrived at the front door last week!
A total surprise from Brian's Aunt Dorothy and Uncle Corky!
For me, it was like CHRISTMAS DAY!

And the weekend before that,
Mom and me and my cousin Jennifer ventured out
to Babies R Us to do some returns and get a few necessaries.
We happened upon a good price for a cute little changing table
that fits right outside the door of my room!
(name letters courtesy of Rachel Tharpe,
my fantastic shower #2 planner)

I look forward to the day when I'll get to set up all this stuff
in an actual nursery! For now, God has graciously planted some contentment in my heart,
even as I anticipate the day I'll have my own home!

I can't wait til Lucie's here!