Friday, June 12, 2009

God is Good.

TWENTY-SEVEN WEEKS this week and Lucie is ever growing! By now, I have completed the blanket I was crocheting, in addition to another smaller blanket made out of very soft stretchy orange yarn. My mom found a bassinet for $20 online and also a crib for only $50! I've been working on my baby registry at Toys R Us and boy, that can make your brain crazy... too many things to look at, that's for sure. Thanks so much to those of you who have generously blessed us with things for the little lady already!

Brian is busy getting a lawn mowing business started. We were down to our last penny in the bank account with bills due and the Lord put it on someone's heart to bless us with a check... Thank you, God for meeting all our needs! Not only were we able to pay our bills this month, but Brian has been able to purchase some refurbished lawn equipment and he is working with a kid from down the street. I don't know how he does it out in that heat!!! My hardworking man...

I've been going on walks in the neighborhood most days... but my usual afternoon routine is definitely going to need some adjusting. I can't bare the heat anymore. It's amazing what humidity can do. Africa was definitely hot. The sun was definitely closer. But there is nothing like hot AND humid. Thank God for air conditioning!!!!!

I'm doing hair here and there... mostly at my parent's house where I have a salon chair and huge mirror. I don't have a car so it is difficult for me to get out and around, plus it's a whole lot easier on this growing body of mine to work on hair when the chair moves up and down and all around. That being said, if anyone wants their hair done, and doesn't mind coming here, I'm in the business! :)

Lucie is a bit of a wiggle worm these days. Not extremely active, but I do feel her every day. Lately I've been getting little pokes up in my ribs! What a funny feeling. I like her, and think she is probably going to be a funny girl. :)

That's pretty much the catch up on here.

Ta-ta for now!!!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Birth Image

Yesterday, Brian and I went to our first childbirth class! Even more fun is the fact that we are taking the class together with our friends Chris and Julie who are expecting their baby Aug 4th (or earlier) and also planning a home birth! So it's cool to be able to do it together with them.

Last night, one of the exercises was to hold ice cubes in our hands for a full minute to see how we respond to pain. The dads had to do it too--and boy was it funny to watch Brian squirm!

Then we were all instructed to take some time putting our "strongest image of birth" onto paper with pastels. Here is what I made:

For a little explanation, the story starts in the bottom left hand corner where the purple represents "intensity" and the little "curls" also have the same tense feeling. The curls then begin to open up and relax represented by the blue "peaceful" color. The journey then moves up into a calm place represented by the blue in the upper right hand corner, swinging around back to the left again where that big explosion of light is my Lucie Joy with all her sparkle whose light then keeps going left towards the beginning of a new journey! (My scanner wasn't able to capture the whole picture so some of it is missing, but you get the jist of it)

We have three more classes left, and I can't help hoping that there are more art projects involved! :)

Just thought I'd share...