Saturday, July 25, 2009

* * * B A B Y C O R N E R * * *

This week I've finally been able to satisfy some of my "nesting" instincts. I've been working on getting my room ready for little Lu and I'm so grateful to my mom and Mama May for helping me to get some things set up for the baby corner. :)

My mom took me to get these great drawers for storing Lucie's clothes and a shoe organizer to save space!

I literally had to clean out my closet probably 10x in order to finally make space for both me and Brian, and now a baby! You really have to live a minimalistic life when your whole world is crammed into one bedroom! :)

Mama May then took me and got this cute little cube organizer for Lu's things, and this little table which I'll use for a night stand--I love it!

Here's the bassinet Mom found on ebay. $25! :)

Now I'm all ready for baby showers this weekend! I'm so excited!!!

And last but NOT least, THANK YOU to Meme for making THIS possible!!!

ahhh... pedicure. :)


Shannon2-24 said...

how wonderful, your cute and settled things. : ) it is a blessing to live minimally.. I've been spending time here and there getting more there.. it sure does take awhile when things have built up! especially squeezed between caring for children. It is VERY nice for you to have this done before she's here!! I'm glad for you!! Your end table and cube is so sweet!

Jenny said...

i love your little set up! and what a great deal your mom got on that bassinet. you're looking great cousin!

i am so sorry but i will not be able to make it to your shower tomorrow. we had already planned a lake trip for the same weekend. i will be sending you something in the mail. and i will need to schedule a hair appointment with you before lucie arrives. hope you have a wonderful time and get lots of good stuff.

Hannah Elizabeth said...

aw, lindz, your baby corner is looking great. i'm loving all the turquoisey blues. wall, table, drawers, toes... :)

and what??? a pedicure??? sweet!!!

♪essica said...

oh, this post makes miss you.... so much love ♥

Jamie said...

We had fun didn't we? Talking about birthing babies and such...can't wait to see what you get tomorrow! ;)

Mommy Mere Pete said...

I wondered where you got the great toes yesterday!!! I love the color and the baby corner is great!!!!! It was fun yesterday!! Hope you enjoy organizing all your stuff!!!! You really look beautiful!!!!

Jill said...

Looks like you're all set and ready for little Lu'! It reminds me of when Dustyn and I lived in the tiny apartment at Meme & Happ's house and had to set up a nursery for Ryan. Sorry I missed your baby shower! We had already made plans to go to the lake.