Thursday, July 2, 2009

30 weeks

my midwife apt went very well today. :)
little lu is in good position with her head down
and her body slightly to the left which is good
b/c when she moves toward the center, she is more
likely to stay facing the correct way for labor. :)

i'm slightly anemic so she says i need to pump up my iron
and take chlorophyl and yellow dock...
i'll be saving some money to buy those from the herb shop!

otherwise, everything is a-ok. said my diet is very good
and everything looks very good.
i'll start seeing her every 2 weeks now
since i am 30 weeks already! :)

it hit me the other nite that i can't believe how drastically
my life is going to change in such a short time from now!!!
a little over 2 months and i'll have a real live baby that will be
mine for always.............. WEIRD. :)
it's a good thing i'm getting rather used to my life changing
drastically quite often these days.

i'm definitely excited. here goes nothing!

(i just took a few belly pics but we're housesitting right now
and i don't have the proper cords to put the pics on my computer!
i'll try to post them soon though!)


Bethany said...

30 weeks was a big eye-opener for both of my pregnancies too. Once the wait time in weeks got down to single digits, it always struck me that "Whoa, we're actually going to have a baby!" I'm so happy for you and Brian. Those tiny new people have a way of bringing huge, overflowing joy to a family. :)

jennifer said...

Wow 30 weeks already! You are in the home stretch now!!!

Shannon2-24 said...

I'm glad Lucie is in a good position!
: )

Hannah Elizabeth said...

you have to pump iron. teehee.