Monday, March 9, 2009

.....just a little taste of a day in the life in africa!

this was an email that i decided was worth posting as a blog:

poor brian.

got woken up this morning on his only off day around 7:30 am
with a text message from the military guys saying

"are we going to have a cook today? we took care of breakfast,
but what about lunch and dinner?"

turns out, valentino, the chef, didn't show up to work today.
turns out he left on sunday (his day off) and went to the village.
(he does this frequently)
turns out, he didn't even MENTION it to brian
though they see each other every day and work together in the kitchen
and he lives in the same building as us!
turns out, valentino DID call surj's brother to let them know
he wouldn't be back today and maybe not even tomorrow,
but no one bothered to tell brian or make sure today's work was covered.
turns out, brian has now worked and cooked lunch and dinner
ALL DAY LONG on his ONE off day and now he's in there doing dishes!
all after a full week of working til 8:30pm most nights!

he's handled it quite well actually. he's worn out... completely.
but i'm really impressed with his attitude.
God, give my man strength for this week!

no one can tell me my man doesn't work hard.
he's one of the hardest working men i know.

the other good news is, i cleaned our whole house today! :)

.....just a little taste of a day in the life in africa!


Anonymous said...

Man...poor guy. Sounds like he works hard, and you are blessed. :o)

You craving stuff yet?


Mama PC said...

hard workin' men are the best! every girl artta have one

Mama PC said...

I'm glad to hear you're feeling good enough to clean the ENTIRE house! (oh, please clarify that it is a 1 room house....or is it counted as a 2 room, since the bedroom's off to the side?)

did you ever figure out what that smell was in the sink?

keep these blogs comin'!


lindsey brooke said...

it is most definitely a TWO room house... they may be small rooms, but they are separate--separated by a small hallway with a bathroom, thank you very much.

and no, i haven't really craved anything yet... except when i don't get enough dairy, i like to have a glass of ovaltine, or a milkshake or something. :)

Shannon2-24 said...

awesome husband!
milkshake.. yum. YUM.
2 rooms- yay. blessing!!