Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Little Brian

While we were in Texas, we told some of you about a little boy from the orphanage who had found his way into our hearts. As far as we knew, he wasn't officially adoptable because he had a mother living in the village somewhere. He had been at Amani since he was about 3 months old with no visitations from his mother in 3 years.
Brian and I began praying that either this child's mother would come and take him home or that God would make a way for him to be a part of our family.
While we were in Texas, "Little Brian" 's mother was contacted and a visit was scheduled. She came a few weeks before Christmas and I heard that she cried when she met her son. Brian was also able to meet the mother and he said she also has a baby boy named Peter. She was anxious to take her son home before Christmas so arrangements began to be made.
The day before he left, I was able to give him a goodbye hug. I don't think he knew he was about to leave (he doesn't know one "mama" from another yet) and I didn't even know he was leaving the very next day--or that he wouldn't be returning. But two unique things happened in that goodbye...

He gave me a sweet kiss on the cheek.
And I told him "I love you"

On Christmas Eve day, little Brian went home with his real mama... and his new little brother Peter.

I grieve for my loss, but rejoice for his gain. God's ways are far above our ways. And this I know to be true:



Mommy Mere Pete said...

He is beautiful!!! I pray his life turns out as great as possible!!!

Jess said...

oh pal, I'm sorry. Happy for his little heart and sad for yours.
Much love

Lindsay said...

he looks precious! i pray for your spirits to be lifted and for his life to be wonderful. hugs lin!

Mama PC said...

God knows what is best for each one

I am thankful that you were praying for him unselfishly - and that even if his life is harder with his real mama - the seeds you planted in his little heart will spring forth one day and bear much fruit in his home country.

He will remember the love and the words of truth and life

and the loving discipline that Brian taught him all those times that he would cry and beg for "sweeties" and Brian would make him calm down and stop crying before he would give him a candy... or not give him a candy if he refused to stop crying...

God knows and He has each of us plant a seed in His timing...and sometimes we reap those seeds, and other times someone else will reap... but no matter what

GOD IS THE AWESOME GARDENER and His crops will flourish!

Mama PC said...

Lindsey - I just read back over this post and the comments - and I wanted to add the fact that in the Loving Father's ways - that somehow He will even bring little Jinja Rosemary's planting into eternity as a seed for His purposes... and the fact that she was deposited into Africa is significant. I don't understand it, but after she left us, I just knew that she was part of a grande scheme of God's plans... His economy where not one thing planted in love will die - and as we place our trust in Him, he will cause gardens to flourish...

When we get our eyes off of the things we don't understand and keep directing our eyes and hearts in His gracious direction, He will lead us into perfect peace - and His ways are good...

He does all things well.

I love you.