Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Our "Rock of Remembrance"

Friday evening, Sept 5, 2008
our baby passed through to eternity.
The peace of God was so surrounding
and His grace was undeniably with us.

We named her Jinja which means "rock"
and Rosemary which stands for "remembrance".

We made a memorial jar... wrapped our child in a beautiful watercolor silk made by our dear friend Kirsten... filled the jar with rocks and rosemary and olive oil, flowers, and notes and prayers, and beautiful things... We took a small boat out onto Lake Victoria to the place where the Nile River begins. It is called the Source of the Nile and there are large rocks there. We put the jar into the Source and floated colorful roses on the water. On our way home, we enjoyed Coca-Colas and a cigar we bought on the night we conceived little Jinja. We looked up and saw two rainbows in the sky. It was beautiful. We felt God's peace and God's promises surrounding us. The driver of our boat was named "Emmanuel".

Thank you to all who have been praying and know that we can feel the love and are looking forward to what God has for us in the future. We are full of joy and hope!

Love to all!

Jinja Rosemary Tharpe

You are our Rock of Remembrance
In you we know the faithfulness of God

You are the growing in rocky times
You are the evidence of beauty in pain

Your life is the promise of things to come
Our hearts are full to have carried you for a time

Your purpose goes on and will stay with us
We celebrate you as we sow this seed

Be fruitful, Baby! And drink from the Source
Your life flows forever, wrapped up in mystery

Emmanuel is steering our boat... "God with us..."

We saw two rainbows in the sky...
And I held two roses in my hand.


Jess said...

beautiful song... love you guys

Cara's Jeans said...
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Cara's Jeans said...

I am speechless for the peace you have fills me as well. Oh how I wish I could be there with you now... I love you.

Mama PC aka "Pam-Maw" said...

our Jinja Rosemary

Anonymous said...



Michelle said...

That was beautiful and lovely in every way. I am so glad that God's peace surrounds you both. God is good. You are both in my prayers!
Her name is beautiful.

Mommy Mere Pete said...

Much love to you all!!! Glad to see Daddy God comforting you and taking care of you!!

Love you!!
Jere and Mere Pete

Deborah said...

My heart hurts for you...but I know God's peace has covered you. much love...deborah

Jenny said...

beautiful! love you guys!

May said...

It gives a me peace knowing the peace God has given you both.

I love that you used the water color scarf I was use to seeing hanging in Brian's room. Beautiful poem.

Love you both,
Gramma May

alicia said...

That was very precious! I am sorry to hear the news but I have been praying for you and am very glad to know that y'all are at peace with this. God knows what He is doing.

Anonymous said...

That was the most beautiful thing I have ever read. My heart aches for you as I know your pain from experience and tears run down my face with sadness, but know everything happens for a reason and look forward to the day when my tears of sadness turn to tears of joy again.

Love to you both,

Jamie said...

I can't wait to see what God does in all of this. I know it will be more beautiful and wonderful than ever even asked for, imagined or thought of. Thank you for letting us share in your journey. We love you guys and are wrapping our arms around you from over here! Hope you can feel it....

jennifer said...

Her name is beautiful, and your memorial so touching. I am so glad you have such peace.

Jennifer Henry

Mama PC said...

love from mom

and dad

here with no electrisical (like Mrs. Douglas in Green Acres would say) and thinking of you every day

will call you soon

Julie said...

i am sorry for your loss and am praying for you guys! your strength is amazing! may God's peace be with you!

Mama PC said...

hello baby

we finally got power back on - 88-ish hours after the hurricane knocked ours out

we now appreciate...
freezer ICE ICE ICE
preserved foods
lights in the bathroom
lights in the closets
cell phone charge-a-bility
and i'm sure a bunch more

when the lights came on this evening, we all ran to the front door - and we joined others on our street whooping and hollaring out our excitement!

we're going to try to retain some the non-American practices we have learned over the past 3 days sans power

less t.v.
less news
less lights on
less computers/internet
less NOISE

more togetherness
more acoustic music
more candles
more conversations
more QUIET

Anonymous said...

love you guys.


Mama PC said...

the Jinja rosebush bloomed this morning

Heather said...

Hey Lindsey!
I just found your blog!! I'm glad you guys are doing well, I've been thinking and praying for y'all all the down here in Mexico! I still have one of the necklaces you were selling before you left. It's hanging in my car and almost every time I see it I think of y'all. I'll be sure to eat some tacos in you honor, I can't imagine life with out good Mexican food!
I miss ya guys!!
Dios Te Bendiga
Heather J