Monday, August 25, 2008

Life in Africa

(My apologies:  The following two posts are two weeks old but "old news" is better than no news i hope!)

August 15, 2008 

Last night we cooked our first real meal at home (beyond foods like eggs, toast, macaroni and cheese, oatmeal, etc...).  We made spaghetti!  Mmm it was good!  We boiled tomatoes down until they were like a soup, added a very tiny can of tomato paste along with fresh garlic, onion, basil and some Italian spice Brian found in the Palm Tree kitchen.  Meanwhile the electricity went out so we were ruing on the military generator and the water coming out of the sink was coming from a reserve tank that sits under ground, therefore the water was the strangest yellow-ish brown color!  We boiled it anyway and added spaghetti noodles, asking God to bless and sanctify our food!  (We are still alive today to tell the story.)  So after combining the mincemeat (hamburger meat) to the sauce, we sprinkled a bit of Romano parmesan on top (thanks to mom and dad sending us some!) and enjoyed some tasty food that was close to home! 

I'm beginning to "show" just a little now (you know, enough for me to notice but maybe not you) and am making sure to get a good walk in here and there.  I'm at 9 weeks now and feeling pretty good, thank God.  Brian took a picture of my belly last night for the first time...  I know, it's about time.  I will try to get it posted on here someday.   

Besides picky eating habits, I keep waiting for the notorious "food cravings" to kick in...  I have a harder time figuring out what I WANT to eat...  (besides Mexican food of course, which I can't help but miss on this side of the world).  I did find some milk that I can stand the taste of.  It's the only pasteurized milk here and you buy it in a little plastic bag, about 4 inches by 4 inches.  I cut a corner off and pour it into a pitcher.  It's nice.  Brian drinks milk delivered to our door.  Straight from the cow!  We boil it down and strain it.  Then refrigerate.  Much cheaper that way!  So we have "my" milk and "his" milk in our tiny college dorm room sized fridge.  :)  
Business is picking up at the salon which is really nice because being busy makes the days go by faster.  All the mzungus (white people) are very excited to have me here--I've even got a lady who comes in once a week just for me to shampoo and blow dry her hair! 

Brian has been playing a lot of music lately...  coming up with multiple new ideas and we finally got the recording stuff out this week and have been playing around on that.  Very fun.  It's nice to have time on our hands in the evenings for creating--something we wouldn't have near as much of if we were home in the States.  We can't wait to come back and play again with our Church of Philly family!  We love and miss you guys! 



Jenny said...

thanks for the updates lindsey! yay for real meals at home! sounds yummy except for the scary water. i love that you guys have his and her milk. that's funny. glad it's all feeling more like home now. love ya!

Mama PC aka "Pam-Maw" said...

Hey, Lind and Brian!!! What's Up?

Does the water go down the drain backwards there, like it did when we were on the other side of the world in S.Africa? I think it has to do with which side of equator one is on... and you're right ON the equator aren't you? study it... also, do they have the light switches backward there, with up being off? and down being on?

let me know when you get the 2 envelopes that are coming to the p.o. box to Jinja... i mailed them on 20th... let's see how long it takes.

Mama PC aka "Pam-Maw" said...

Dott's Ma misses her this week. I realized yesterday that it had been 2 months since you packed up and were whisked off to the airport - me and you in the front seat of my car and Han smashed betwixt all the luggage in the back seat - Brian with Dad traveling ahead - taking care of last minute details - worrying if the luggage straps would all hold as we carted it all to the luggage check in counter - not truly realizing that you were REALLY getting on that plane - May and I just staring at each other after you and Brian went up that escalator... it happened so quickly!!! and now you've been there 2 months and have a new Gandan on the way! how many changes can we have take place in so few weeks?

you are missed

i have put candles from your wedding all over the house

we'll call you saturday noonish our time

lindsey brooke said...

the light switches ARE backwards...
i haven't noticed the water going the other way though...
one thing about toilets though:
we got a brand new toilet seat when we moved into our place and i think the 3rd day or so
it cracked already... that's how things are over here...
very low quality... anyway... so if i may say so, we have been sitting sideways...
until yesterday... another crack!
and today, i came home from work and put the seat down (i don't usually have to do this)
and the whole front of the seat between the two cracks
came crashing to the ground--brian had the nerve to tape it!
dear lord--can you imagine!?!
hope no one's offended....
but we are in the market for a new toilet seat, that's for sure! they don't make porcelain ones here... only plastic. so pray for us :)

Mama PC aka "Pam-Maw" said...

roflol roflol roflol roflol

i'm all ovah the floor laughing - i can just SEE the duct tape holding the toilet seat together!

my poor baby!

(i'm still laughing)

i don't know why i think that is funny !

remember that camping trip where we rigged up a canvas tarp around a hole in the ground, found a toilet seat and put it on a box we found - and hung toilet paper from a twig sticking out of the tree?

too bad we didn't have Febreeze back then

keep up the communications! and we'll keep up the prayers!

maybe Uncle Corky will bring you a real PORCELAIN toilet seat... end of Sept... Maymaw? you got any pull? :-)

lindsey brooke said...

surj was so kind to find us a decent quality toilet seat and presented it to us last night... we have yet to put it on, as the taped seat has been ok for a few more sits, but pray the new one stays intact! ha! :D

Mama PC aka "Pam-Maw" said...

congratulations on the new seat!

hey, Bill and Suzy came over and got all that wedding stuff this afternoon and we sat and talked for hours around the table. it was good to see them. she is expecting their baby in January!

before that we had Randy and Crystal for lunch! it's been a good day visiting with the young couples

i wouldda called but with people here, I didn't have time at the right time and I knew you were gonna watch a movie

did Brian tell you I called this morning around 9:15 our time while you were at Amani and he was in town? i'll try to call tomorrow (Mon) 8 p.m. your time

love you!!!!

Mama PC aka "Pam-Maw" said...

good morning!

Michelle said...
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Mama PC aka "Pam-Maw" said...

Be in prayer for the new Tharpe family. Updates from them soon, I hope. They're in the care of capable medical people and especially the kind and gentle hand of God. Please be in prayer.

Jenny said...

Love you guys! Praying for you!

KriSTeN said...

we are praying for you both! stay safe... and yes you are in God's hands always!

Viking Granny!!!! said...


Anonymous said...

hello my friends. good to read the updates. Suzi and I just found out we are having a girl! Annabelle Joy will be joining us in this world sometime around Jan. 22!

Cara's Jeans said...

I miss you much much much much!

I am here at Baylor... have been for a few weeks now and I LOVE it here!! I have made myself a home. :) There's this little coffee house/venue right on the street my dorm is off of and they have a lot of indie type music shows! DIGNAN played one of the first nights I was there!! And then COLOUR REVOLT!! AND THEN last night, ETHAN DURRELLE!! (Their last show ever.) Boy that little coffee house has made me feel right at home. I'm so very glad there is a quaint little place like that here and so close, too!! School is school... not much more work that I expected, so I am thankful.

My roommate is awesome- we get along quite well, so that is a plus!

Before I came, I told my mom over the summer, "I NEED a laptop, I NEED a laptop." Well I was quite convicted over that after I found myself saying that I "NEED" something that I truly do not to live freely in Christ. I told my mom that I didn't want one. She was a bit surprised but I felt like I needed to do that and be obedient. I came prepared to do what I needed to do to take care of my business, whatever that entailed! Well I'm not here a week and I get a call from my grandparents in Seguin asking me if I can receive "big packages" at my Baylor address. MUCH to my suprise, they tell me that they are sending me a laptop, carrying case, AND printer!!! It was a total blessing out of the CLEAR blue sky!!! It's a terribly wonderful laptop and I truly believe that it came because of my obedience to God. :)

The first week I was here, I attended and played bass at an all black church!!! It was AWESOME. They had an organist who leads the worship, a phenomenal choir filled with extremely talented voices, a superb jazz percussionist, and a man who played electric guitar and WAILED on the soprano saxophone!! The whole thing was basically a jazz improv jam session! It was funny because during the service, at the really intense parts, the guy on the organ would add a little organ part for emphasis!! lol And then toward the end of the sermon, the preacher started SINGING his sermon!!!! Soon after the rest of the band joined in. Boy it was a HOOT!!! LOL!!

I have met a wonderful guy whom I have been officially dating since the Friday before last!! :D

I met him the first full day I was here. We
hung out a few days later on Monday at the coffee place around the corner-
we went at 9:30... we were the last ones to leave that place at 1:30 in the
morning!! Needless to say, we have TONS in common and I had a blast hanging
out with him. Even from that first time, he has felt like a best friend. We
hung out every day after that and on Friday he took me out to a really nice
restaurant and afterward we sat along the Brazos River talking as usual and
he proceeded to tell me how much fun he had hanging out with me (and I told
him I did, too) and all the reasons he's attracted to me! lol Feelings were
quite mutual... So we made it "official" that night and I had my first
kiss!! :) We are together every day and it is just awesome. He's actually a
senior... going to graduate in May. He'll be 22 on October 1st. He's a
psychology major so it's really funny because he tries to understand me with
all his psychology-ness and it's always fun to hear what he observes of me.
Sometimes he can't quite figure it out but I think he likes that I am
somewhat of a mystery to him. :) haha! He's extremely smart... Very very
respectful of me and my boundaries... and quite a hoot! One of the best
things is that he (and I) communicate so well and we can talk about ANYTHING
and it's never weird or awkward. Also, I have yet to be nervous around him
at all... EVER. He is wanting to go to grad school at UT
Austin and become a professor. He says if that falls through, he wants to be
a firefighter! :)

Anyways, wow... now that I've displayed my personal life for the world to see, I should probably stop! :)

Oh well, I suppose it's for a good cause!

Love you very much.

<3 Cara Jean

Anonymous said...

Love living vicariously through you guys. Would loooove to see pics...

Love ya!

Mama PC aka "Pam-Maw" said...

Lindsey and Brian are requesting your prayers - she had a miscarriage at 12 weeks last Friday and Thursday 9/11, her doctor wants her to have one more ultra-sound in Kampala. So far she's had 2 in the smaller town of Jinja, where their equipment is not as advanced. Just to make sure she's okay, they are traveling at 7 a.m. Uganda time Thurs (11 p.m. Wed TX time) to the bigger city 2 hours away - and will hear whether or not she will need a surgical procedure around noon their time (4 a.m. TX time). Lindsey does NOT want to have any type of surgery, so she asked me to ask you to pray for her.

If the doc thinks it's best for her to have the D&C, it will occur around 6 TX time. If you wake any of these times, please whisper their names in prayer. We know God knows and hears...

Brian promised Linds she could get a pedicure afterwards if she wants to.... so she told me that helps her to have something to look forward to. SHE HATES NEEDLES AND ANY TYPE OF MEDICAL PROCEDURES! I'm talking - passes out! Brian does too... so, you people, get on your knees and pray! :-)

God has been with them and all of us during this hard but beautiful time.

Thank you.

(Oh, and Lindsey said thank you to everyone who already has been praying for them.)

Mama PC aka "Pam-Maw" said...

very good news from Lindsey today!

I'm sure she will post SOMETIME SOON!

Hurricane Ike is causing us all to stir.... Lord Have Your Will and Way and my Many Souls be Saved

Michelle said...

It brings tears to my eyes that there is good news admist the sadness. God is good in every single way. Brian and Lindsey, you have been and will be in continued prayer as you go through this trial. May God your support and always know that He has a mightier plan for our life than we will ever have.