Saturday, April 24, 2010

Outside Expressions

Sometimes, when Lucie has been fussing, and I've tried everything, I remember that one other "something" that seems to work like a charm.
Take her OUTSIDE!
The girl will entertain herself for hours (ok, not literally) on our 3rd story apartment porch... Listening to the wind chimes, looking at them, watching the cars drive in and out of the parking lot, the wind blowing in her face...
It's amazing what a little fresh air can do. :)

Look closely and you'll see her first two teeth! Pushed them through like a champion last month!

Here are just a few more Lucie Expressions for your entertainment.

Making those funny sounds with her lips also keeps her entertained.

7.5 months old

Starting to crawl and say "DA-DA" = TOO MUCH FUN! :O)


Beth said...

absolutely darling. <3

♪essica said...

I love this baby.

Lindsay said...

such a doll face that lucie :)

Melissa said...

Your cutie girl sure does look like you Lindsey! (Cary said that he sees some Tharpeness in her too) Love all the pictures. :)

Anonymous said...

She is so adorable! Her cuteness makes me want to have kids right away after Brandon and me get married, but we must wait until he finishes school. I look forward to the day of being a mommy :) Can't wait to see you guy soon!

May said...

Picture #3 I see Brian... picture #2 I see JOHN! I've been seeing Pam in that girl a lot lately but you always see those Lindsey ears!

Lucie Joy, you need a kiss from your Grammy May soon!

Gledwood said...

you know the victorian cure for a fretting baby was to put laudanum in the bottle~(!) ... my brother's little boy used to go to sleep straight away if you put him in the car and left the engine running... he's his father's son (his dad is obsessed with cars)