Thursday, April 23, 2009

20 weeks!

I haven't felt any DEFINITE kicks in there yet, but if I push on my belly, and leave my hand there, I can feel a little pressing back... it feels like a strong pulse to me, but it only happens once, not in a pattern like a heartbeat. :) Today I ended up laying on my stomach for one moment but I quickly hopped back up because I could feel a "form" in there! :) It was so strange to not just feel like I was laying on a big belly, but on an actual "being"! I could tell where she was, as if I was laying on something that was really on the bed! Crazy!

This week has been a very enjoyable one. After a refreshing prayer meeting on Monday night, where both Brian and I received a good dose of lovin' from our friends through insightful prayers and specific words of encouragement about where God has us right now and how He is going to take care of us, we came away realizing how important it is to live IN the moment, not in the past, and not worrying about the future... I've been reading Luke 12 where it talks about not worrying about your life, and not storing up treasure on earth... and we've been endeavoring to walk in that kind of trust, knowing that if God cares about birds and lilies, how much more does He care for us!

We've been taking walks around my parents' neighborhood almost every day. (Good exercise for the pregnant mama!). On Tuesday, our friend Linda Lu invited us to go fishing with her, so we spent the day with her and our other friend Todd Peroud, out on Lake Conroe catching fish, snacking on chicken salad and other picnic treats, and soaking up the sunshine and beautiful day!

Wednesday, I did hair at the house most of the day. Brian cooked an AMAZING spaghetti dinner and the Crouse family plus a few guests sat down around the table to chat it up and enjoy the tastiness! Our friend Diane was over and I think we ended up all chatting til 12 in the morning! Good-good times...

Here's Han's new haircut (pre-color)... It's real cute. ;)

Today I tried my hand at making banana bread muffins, and they turned out quite tasty indeed! I'm really enjoying being home, and having time on my hands... time to be productive, and to do things I wouldn't normally take the time to do... it's nice to live here, with all the conveniences and treats of our western world, but without allowing the stress of the usual fast paced American lifestyle to be in charge. It's a blessing to be here at my parent's house and we are going to be cooking dinner more often to show our appreciation!!!


Melissa said...

Lookin' good, Lindsey! So glad you are enjoying being home! :) God is directing every moment of your path, and it's awesome that you are resting in that!! :)

Shannon2-24 said...

you are so cute!
living in the moment! precious and allows us to not have life go by without treasuring it. what i've pondered here and there lately too.

20 wks-- awesome. such a sweet time. yes~ the first things i felt were the little push-backs when the baby feels the pressing.. : )

you have any names on your list? keeping secret? we did with last pregnancy, since people are bold and say which ones they don't like-- then if you choose that one.. yet that'd still be okay if you're fine knowing what others think.. : ) we didn't decide on Keith or Meara as definite until they were hours after birth!! enjoyable and peaceful though.

love you. glad you are having peaceful times.

Jenny said...

you look beautiful lindsey! so happy you are home and enjoying every second of it. isn't peace just wonderful??!!

Josh said...

Congratulations on half way!! We rejoice with you!

For me, nothing has been more adorable than my pregnant wife. Hopefully Brian in enjoying it too.

Yes, living in the moment is so important. I'm going to go read Luke 12 again so I remember the same.

Lindsay said...

lin you are halfway!!! yay!! can't wait to see you in person :)

Jamie said...

Lovin the preggo-ness :) You look really good, and I know you guys are going to be taken care of. Funny the lessons we learn especially in the hard times...xoxo