Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Here is a quote from Agatha, the girl who works with me in the shop.
Her 23rd birthday was yesterday.

I received her permission to post this of course!

She has quite enjoyed our music collection and has been learning to use the i-pod
to repeat a song she likes. Today she asked me:

"What is it called again? Is it EAR-pod or EYE-pod?"


BEAUTIFUL, isn't it? :)


Mama PC said...


Mommy Mere Pete said...

I love it!! An EAR-pod!! That's great!!

Beth said...

admittedly, ear-pod makes a lot more sense.

lindsey brooke said...

i'd have to agree

Mama PC said...

so funny....

when are you going to post again, my friend?

by the time you read this, the voting will be beginning and possibly ending for this election in the U S of A...

may God's Kingdom Come
may His Will be Done
On earth as it is in Heaven

write my girl, write
pray, my girl, pray
sing, my girl, sing out your heart
pray, my girl, pray my girl, pray

lu - dee- ah - loo- aye
lu - dee- ah - loooooo
lu - dee- ah - loo- aye
pray, my girl, pray

Mama PC said...

time wake up
time to awake
time to open eyes
time to wake up

the sun is rising
all over this world
the Sun is rising
all over this world......

lu - dee- ah - loo- aye
lu - dee- ah - looooo
lu- dee- ah - loo-aye
it's time to awake.......

Anonymous said...


When you coming home for a visit??? We miss you!

rosarita :-)

Mama PC said...

they're trying to leave as quick as they can - awaiting fundage

Mama PC said...

they are HERE and trusting God to work all things out

we are waiting for a new blog, aren't we?

Linds is scheduling appointments for hair cuts/colors over the next few weeks. Call to book 936-441-3204 or email her